Surrounded Fields

Museumgarden inspired by the work of art of Christo 


How could I get colour in the garden during the four seasons? Was my question for this project.

In this project I wanted to combine my interest for art, colour, textile and nature.


 Fabric is the most important tool for artist Christo (1935). With ordinary fabric and cord he has wrapped a bundle of work and secured for himself a prominent position in art history. In 1983 Christo and his team created for two weeks his work of art "Surrounded islands" in Florida.


For the Textile Museum in Tilburg, the new ‘Christo look’ piece of art stays on the spot for a whole year.

Like Christo, I’ve choosen for one prominent colour. Yellow in combination with the fading landscape gives a quality contrast. (Itten)

During every season there is a change where the colour is situated. It is always on the move...







                                  spring                                                                             summer

                                               autumn                                                                           winter