shepherds of balloo

together with my daughter i visited my parents the past week, they live in assen. every day the sun was our compagnon, so now i feel completely uploaded with a new boost of energy. energy to make some nice items for my webshop and to make it more the way i want. so that will be the thing i am working on for the up coming days. beside being mom of course;-)


nearby my parents house, in a small village called balloo, is a great farm where marianne and albert have a group of sheep. marianne is the shepherd and she is all day, every day, on the moor, walking with her sheep and 2 dogs. for me it feels like a privilege to live that way, really inspiring to be in contact with such a lifestyle.


beside visiting the sheep, you can also buy the most wonderfull yarns of the drenths sheep and products made of that yarns. i could not resist to buy some hand spunned yarns. i will show you the inside of the package soon;-)


if you would like to visit the shepherds of balloo yourself, please check their website:







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