A scarf for my little girl

this will be my first blogpost on my new website. for almost 3 years i'm mom now and that few years have ran so fast! i love to be a mother and parenting is the thing i'm most of the time busy with. but i also love my job! so that's the reason i wanted to change my business into something i'm really passionated about.


i've started my career as a textile designer at studio claudy jongstra in the north of the netherlands. after my short career as a textile designer i did a lot of styling jobs, which i still love to do, but the thing i'm really in love with are textiles! it's my second, oh sorry, third love (daughter and husband, yes i'm married;-) and i love to make things with my hands, especially to make things of yarns and textiles with patience and love. so this blog will be most of the time about textiles and things i love to make, but i'll also write about my family life. to show you a bit more of me. some people maybe think i've lived under a stone for the passed years;-) also because i still don't have an i-phone.


today i'll start with telling you about a winter project: knitting a scarf for my girl. my first knitting project i've succeeded! oh yes, it's spring, but here in the netherlands it still feels like winter! here some pictures of my girl wearing my knitted scarf on a cold afternoon on the beach. (i prefer to go outside the moment other people like to stay inside;-)

she has worn it during the winter time. love to see her wearing it with such a great pleasure!

(oh, and it's my first blog in english ;-)


see you soon! Wenda

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